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Unusual Sources

About Unusual Sources

Unusual Sources is an independent news radio program hosted by Peter Leibovitch, Jessica Whitehead, and Brendan Stone.

The show deals with subject matter ranging from labour, (which included the most complete coverage of Stelco's CCAA bankruptcy process on radio), to geopolitical issues all over the world.

It conducts many interviews about Israel, Palestine, and Lebanon, as well as Pakistan and Iran, and there is a frequent focus on African issues.

It airs between 5-6 pm Wednesdays on 93.3 CFMU FM [link].

We are affiliated with CIUT's "Taylor Report" [visit] which airs Mondays from 5-6pm on 89.5 FM

Below is a sample of some of our older programs about Haiti and Latin America.

Haiti and Latin America (Haiti Interviews now On-Line!)

Past Interviews

In the past, Unusual Sources has interviewed such notable figures as Tariq Ali, George Galloway, Cindy Sheehan, Gideon Levy, President Charles Taylor of Liberia, Napoleon Gomez, Michael Parenti, James Petras, Michel Chossudovsky, Michael Mandel, Francis Boyle, Atif Kubursi, Wayne Madsen, Philip Hammond, Dave Zirin, Nancy Lessin and Charley Richardson, Gregory Elich, Stephen Gowans, Fred Jerome, Stan Goff, Patrick Elie, and Sgt. James Massey.

Unusual Sources has also given coverage to many Canadian activists, such as Mona Elfouli and Ahmed Jaballa (family members of the victims of Canada's "security certificate" secret trials), Beenish Gaya representing one of the "Toronto 18," Hanna Kawas of the Canada Palestine Association, Dr. Ishmael Zayid, Zafar Bangash from Crescent International, Matthew Behrens of Homes Not Bombs, Tiphaine Dickson from the ICDSM, and freelance writer Marjaleena Repo, as well as student activists from Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights at York and McMaster, McMaster Science for Peace, the Arab Students Association, the Arab Students Collective, the McMaster Muslims for Peace and Justice, Ali Rahdi, a former Iraqi soldier in Gulf War I., mother of a Canadian soldier Andrea Hill Lair, Judith Weisman of the Jewish Women's Committee to End the Occupation, Abraham Weizfeld of the Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians, along with Karin Brothers of the Bloor Street United Church, and members of both the Burlington Association for Nuclear Disarmament and the Niagara Coalition for Peace. Organizers of the Canada Haiti Action Network have made featured appearances, with interviews from Anthony Fenton and Yves Engler, Jean St. Vil, Kevin Skerrett, Roger Annis, and Kabir Joshi Vijayan.

Members of the community have contributed their knowledge for our listeners, especially in regard to the STELCO pension crisis. Steelworkers Local 8782 President and chair of the Hamilton Area Steel Council Bill Ferguson, and Steelworkers defense lawyer David Jacobs, have been regular guests on the program. Other labour representatives have spoken on the program, such as Ted Mansell from SEIU Local 2 about the custodial strike at McMaster University, Richard Lightener representing the striking Brabant employees, OPSEU Local 240 President Fred Deys on the Mohawk College teachers' strike, and CAW leadership candidate Willie Lambert has appeared on the program. Sam Gindin and Wayne Fraser have spoken on the CAW-Magna Agreement.

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