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Unusual Sources is an independent news radio program hosted by Peter Leibovitch and Brendan Stone.*

The show deals with subject matter ranging from labour, (which included the most complete coverage of Stelco's CCAA bankruptcy process on radio), to geopolitical issues all over the world.

It airs between 5-6 pm Wednesdays on 93.3 CFMU FM [link].

ATTN: Unusual Sources is on hiatus for the month of May.

We are affiliated with CIUT's "Taylor Report" [visit] which airs Mondays from 5-6pm on 89.5 FM

*Sadly, Peter passed away in September, 2010. A special memorial is being held on the one-year anniversary in September 2011, details on the program.

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Radio4All is an all-volunteer, non-profit service right here:

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If you have Firefox 3.0 or Internet Explorer 8 or higher, you can podcast from Radio4All here:


Those programs and others from 2007 and earlier are also available at Soundclick




Now on ITunes!

Unusual Sources has been picked up by ITunes! You can catch it here:

It is all delivered for free to your ITunes program.



We are happy to state that CFMU Radio is now providing webcasts that include the previous four weeks of all its programs. You can listen to them here:

CFMU should start playing live on your speakers as soon as you click that link.

Just click on "Programming" and choose "Unusual Sources" from the list of Wednesday programs, and you can access the most recent four programs.



Below is a sample of some of our older programs about Haiti and Latin America.

Haiti and Latin America (Haiti Interviews now On-Line!)

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