About Us


Mission Statement


The Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War began life as the November 16th Coalition, which formed in Hamilton to organize opposition to the then impending attack on Iraq. Our goal was to unite all the elements in society who were against America's design to punish and conquer Iraq in order to further their imperial expansion into the oil rich Middle-East.

Leaders and activists from the peace movement, the faith communities, the labour movement, the student movement, and ethnic communities came together to lobby Canada to stay out of the war if we couldn't prevent it from happening.

The burning question in the world today is War or Peace. America seems to know no bounds in pursuit of its agenda. From Haiti to Afganistan to Pakistan we are hearing the drumbeat of illegal and immoral wars become louder and louder.

At the same time we are witnessing the erosion of our democratic rights gain momentum with false arrests and imprisonments of Muslim people all over Europe and North America.

The mission of the Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War is to press harder for peace challenging every political leader to stand with the people in pursuing peace over war.

We are an affiliate organization with the Canadian Peace Alliance and we in Hamilton are working together with all Canadians and activists from around the world to stop illegal wars and occupations including the complicity of the Canadian government to help further the American Agenda.

All are welcome to join us and help us in our struggle for justice and peace

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