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Jobs, not War!


Cross-country demonstrations are taking place TODAY to "Rally for Good Jobs and Public Services."

The Canadian Peace Alliance (CPA), which is part of the mobilization, is calling on peace activists to join these demonstrations under the slogan of "JOBS NOT WAR!"

To that end, the Hamilton Coalition To Stop The War is calling on our supporters to gather at the corner of Bay and York, in front of Copps Colliseum, at 4:30 pm on Friday, October 3, and join the rally at the Federal Building across the street (at 55 Bay Street North) at 5 pm. We will be calling on Harper to "BRING THE TROOPS HOME NOW!" from Eastern Europe (re: Ukraine) and from Iraq (re: Syria). The callout from the CPA is below:

The Harper government continues its plan to spend half a trillion dollars on war and militarism, embroiling Canada in a new war in Iraq, while ruthlessly cutting public services.

The Canadian Peace Alliance is supporting events for good jobs and public services next week to make the case for redirecting this excessive military spending. We encourage you to join an event near you or organize one in solidarity.

Events for good jobs, public services, workers' rights, and democracy are planned so far for Halifax, Ottawa, Hamilton, Toronto, and Montreal.

Rally for Jobs Not War


From coast to coast to coast, decent wages, benefits and working conditions – are facing multiple threats.

Precarious work. Chronic job insecurity. Exploitation of migrant workers. Students forced to shoulder high levels of debt. Erosion of access to social assistance programs. Downward pressure on working conditions and wages. Undermining collective bargaining and the role of unions.

All of these hardships and more are disproportionately felt by groups that have been historically marginalized, including racialized workers, newcomers, Indigenous workers and women.

Meanwhile, Canada’s richest 1 per cent earns an average income that is 13.6 times larger than the bottom 90 per cent.

In the face of these severe austerity measures and inequalities, including public service cuts and job losses, taking action for good jobs is essential to build stronger communities.

On the first week of October 2014, communities will be gathering in solidarity against the Harper agenda and start the one year countdown to the fixed date of the next federal election in October 2015.

Facebook event:

Join the event in your community.

Endorsed by the Canadian Peace Alliance, the Council of Canadians, the Canadian Federation of Students, Unifor, the Canadian Union of Public Employees, and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.



Sign MP petition: NO CF-18's to Iraq & Syria!

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