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Public lecture by James Bissett
"Canada's Mistaken Foreign Policy Regarding Ukraine"

Former Ambassador James Bissett

Former Canadian ambassador James Bissett

It's at the New Vision United Church
(formerly Centenary Church),
24 Main St. West, across from Hamilton City Hall

Monday, June 22, 2015, 7 pm

James Bissett was a former Canadian ambassador to Yugoslavia and a vocal critic of NATO's bombing campaign of that country in 1999, about which he wrote a number of opinion pieces for major Canadian newspapers.

why: The crisis in Ukraine could easily become a flash point for war in Europe. Canadians, whose government has recently sent ships, fighter planes, and troops to the area, need to hear this experienced diplomat's analysis.

how to get there: New Vision United Church is right next to the MacNab Street HSR Bus Terminal. Ample (paid) parking is available across Main Street at Hamilton City Hall and at a lot off James Street South behind
the church. New Vision is completely accessible to wheelchairs.

Could Canadian soldiers end up training neo-Nazis in Ukraine's army?

The Harper government says that our soldiers won't be training any Nazi sympathizers, since Ukraine's Nazi sympathizers operate only in militias. But Bisset warns,

“These militias are being merged with Ukraine’s military so we won’t be able to determine who we are training. These are unsavoury groups that Canadian soldiers should not be associated with.”

Source: Ottawa Citizen

Free admission!

Pressented by Hamilton and District Labour Council and sponsored by UNIFOR 5555, CUPW 548, OSSTF 21



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Protest apartheid! Stop colonialism!

2013 rally to protest charitable status of JNF

What: Picket the Jewish National Fund's annual Negev Dinner. The $180 plate dinner is a major Canadian fundraiser for the JNF, which is responsible for removing Palestinians from their homes and farms in Palestine. (more detail below...)

When: Wednesday, June 24, 6 to 7 pm

Where: front doors, Hamilton Convention Centre, Summers Lane, across from Hamilton City Hall

Organized by: Independent Jewish Voices (Hamilton) and endorsed by the Hamilton Coalition To Stop The War and the Palestinian Association of Hamilton

The Jewish National Fund is part of the Israeli colonial project in Palestine. It's one of the largest landowners in Israel, owning 13% of all the land. Since 1901, it has been raising funds around the world to acquire Palestinian land - by any and all means - and leasing it in perpetuity to Jewish settlers. With the help of the Israeli government, it is currently ethnically-cleansing Palestinian Beduoins from their traditional lands in the south (the Negev), who are being "concentrated" (the Israeli term) into five Beduoin towns. In East Jerusalem, Palestinian Christians and Muslims are being forced out as part of the "Judaization" of that city. The JNF is also responsible for Canada Park, built over the ruins of three Arab villages razed just after Israel's seizure of the West Bank in 1967.

Stop the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians!
Remove the charitable status of the Jewish National Fund!


Photos from the Rally in 2013


Independent Jewish Voices information sheet about the JNF





Petition: Withdraw from the US-led coalition for war in Iraq and Syria!

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