Social Justice Challenges in Africa


Rwanda 1994: Colonialism Dies Hard (online book) - By Robin Philpot

Re-writing the History of the Rwandan Genocide - By Robin Philpot - That Halo Over Romeo Dalliare's Head Has More Than One Hole in It!

Second Thoughts on the Hotel Rwanda - by Robin Philpot - A CIA Role in the 1994 Assassination of Rwanda's President Habyarimana?

Hotel Rwanda: No Room for the Truth - By Phil Taylor

Hotel Propraganda - By Tony Black

Reply to Criticism of "Hotel Propaganda" - By Tony Black

View from Rwanda: The Dallaire Genocide Fax: A Fabrication - by Christopher Black, Sanders Research Associates

Hotel Rwanda: Hollywood and the Holocaust in Central Africa - by Keith Harmon Snow

These Days, Even Animated Films Have An Agenda - Rwanda has become a mini-industry in the movies

Revisiting the ‘Rwandan Genocide:’ Resurrecting Ghosts, or Exorcising Demons? - by Steven da Silva

Hotel Rwanda: Setting the Record Straight - by Amadou Deme - The man on the ground says the movie is wrong


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Tread Softly in Sudan - By Eric Margolis - Is it necessary to intervene in Sudan?

Fill Full the Mouth of Famine - By John Laughland - Should we be skeptical of the media push for intervention into the Sudan?

Sudan, Oil, and the Crisis in Darfur - By Enver Masud - Are the U.S. and Britain seeking a pretext for intervention in order to take advantage of Sudan's oil?

"Sudanese Face Hell on Earth" - Harpreet Dipak, McMaster Silhouette - An article interviewing members of an organization that supports intervention into the Sudan

Turning the Oil Eye on Sudan - By Brendan Stone - A response to the above article promoting intervention in the Sudan.

U.S. 'hyping' Darfur genocide fears - by Peter Beaumont

Oil is behind struggle in Darfur - By G. Dunkel

Zeroing in on Sudan - by Mike Whitney

"Save Darfur": Evangelicals and Establishment Jews - Christian evangelicals and hawks in the Jewish community are pushing for intervention into Sudan. "It's embarrassing that America -- and the world -- will be witnessing a PRO-WAR rally in Washington, D.C. on April 30 (a project of that is far more highly publicized than an anti-war one."

“Out of Iraq, Into Darfur”? Just Saying No to Imperialist Intervention in Sudan - By Gary Leupp

The mask of altruism disguising a colonial war - By John Laughland - Oil will be the driving factor for military intervention in Sudan

"Crisis in Darfur" - By David Peterson - David Peterson links are currently down as server is undergoing changes

The Song Remains the Same - By David Peterson

The War on Genocide - By David Peterson - Who is behind the Sudan genocide claims?

Great White Warrior - By David Peterson

Look Out Sudan! - By Mike Whitney - Beware Bolton's Sudden Humanitarianism

Sudan Massacres are not Genocide says EU - By Rory Carroll - but the U.S. House of Representatives says they are

Sudan: Don’t Forget the Past Follies by James Bovard - U.S. intervention made things worse there the last time

US Jews leading Darfur rally planning - by Gal Beckerman, the Jerusalem Post - Besides the Jewish origins and character of the rally - a fact the organizers consistently played down in conversations with The Jerusalem Post - the other striking aspect of the coalition is the noted absence of major African-American groups like the NAACP or the larger Africa lobby groups like Africa Action.

Evangelicized Foreign Policy - President Bush working with Christian Evangelicals in Sudan

Taylor Report Audio Programs related to Sudan - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Debate over Sudan in McMaster Silhouette


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